About us

About us

Metaverse – real world and digital world connected.

Metaverse School GmbH strives to offer browser-based virtual 3D environments and worldwide collaboration spaces for all kind of communication purpose.

Our platform provides on the one hand the option of own-developed spaces and on the other hand tailored and customized digitalization solutions for everybody to have a new kind of communication experience.

By using the virtual platform, individuals can easily connect with other persons for social or business opportunities.

Raphael BlahaIntern

Dieter Heyne
Dieter HeyneCEO

Daniel Zehmisch
Daniel ZehmischCOO / Project Management

Lennart Paul
Lennart PaulIT-Development

Vinzenz Zehmisch
Vinzenz ZehmischSenior Project Management

Sami Kopplin
Sami KoplinVirtual Project Management


In the first quarter of 2017 Dieter Heyne founded the METAVERSE SCHOOL GmbH with the vision to develop a virtual world, which connects to every aspect of our daily life.

The idea to create a virtual world arose around 2011 from DieterĀ“s observation that the established virtual worlds had to struggle with very specific problems, like complicated usability and an elaborate process to get started. A first step was taken by planning, structuring and programming the basics of a new platform.

The next milestone was the go live in 2013 of the browser based experimental cybaLOUNGE platform for developers and enthusiasts of virtual worlds. Over time the functionalities and the possibilities of the platform grew and in the beginning of 2018 Dieter Heyne decided to fulfil his vision of an open virtual world, where everything is possible. Consequently, Dieter Heyne made up his mind to build up a team and a working solution for a virtual world. Now we are in the process of further developing and designing an interesting virtual environment and we are looking forward to bringing our products soon to a status, that allows everyone to participate in a new exciting, virtual adventure.