Virtual Recruiting Center (VRC)

Companies, agencies or organizations use various human resource software to support their HR departments as well as administrative processes. On the one hand, this is the administration and development of the employee base already active in the company, i.e. the personnel management, personnel administration and personnel development segment, on the other hand the recruitment of new employees, recruiting or applicant management.

In order to simplify the process of recruitment, Metaverse School GmbH has developed a “Virtual Recruiting Center” in a 3D environment. The recruiting processes, which are often inflexible due to formalities, from email traffic or applicant portal to document exchange, can be optimized by a VRC. The platform offers the possibility of a spontaneous, planned or anonymous initial contact between interested parties. The VRC serves as a support which simplifies the application process. The VRC is divided into two rooms. In a reception room or presentation room and an interview room. The objective is to give the company an straightforward opportunity to quickly network with the applicant and at the same time be able to present their company. Some areas of the room can be individually adapted to the corporate identity of the company.

Advantages and features of the VRC:

  • Easy 24h access via Internet (runs in browser, access via HTML links possible)
  • All participants are physically present by avatars
  • Easy use and handling with almost any mobile device
  • Communication and interaction with VRC visitors through voice and voice chat
  • Displaying documents or presentations
  • Virtual room is persistent and can be set up in advance as required
  • The displays support recruiters and applicants during the job interview.
  • Automatic mail when applicants or interested parties visit the VRC
  • Integration of virtual environment also possible on own personnel website
  • Security (HTTPS with TLS 1.2-1.3) Encryption

The VRC is therefore a simple and digital way to network applicants, recruiters and companies. Applicants receive an e-mail from the recruiter and are invited directly to the VRC via a link. The applicant lands with one click directly in the internal recruiting center. Travel costs, space capacities and time are saved. Features such as document upload and download, displays and communication via Voice-over-IP simplify the application process. The interview can be conducted from anywhere in the world.

If you are interested in your own HR location, please contact us at contact@metaverse.school or visit us at our Metaverse School VRC:
https://cyba.world/location.html?locationid=800000015&dl=true h

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