Metaverse offers a virtual 3D environment for your everyday processes or interactions to interested customers in real time. The virtual environments connect individuals and teams and allow them to collaborate in a new way. With the help of the cybaLOUNGE technology, interested parties can use a mobile device to communicate or interact with others in the virtual environment by an internet browser, such as Chrome or Firefox, whether for business or social purposes.

Our company is able to digitize all possible or meaningful social interactions or business processes as well as to transform them into the virtual environment. In the virtual world, users, represented by avatars, can communicate and interact with other avatars in real time. There is also a wide selection of functions, such as chat or VoIP. Furthermore, at the customer’s request, any application can be migrated into an external environment or connected directly to external systems.

The link below offers a virtual learning world, which we developed for the University of W├╝rzburg/Germany:


If you want to use a virtual world for product presentations or anything else, then we can build this world according to your wishes. The integration of virtual reality experiences is possible.