Metaverse School GmbH @ Berlin Change Days 2019

Metaverse School GmbH @ Berlin Change Days 2019

An interactive workshop in a virtual 3D environment @ The Berlin Change Days 2019

The Berlin Change Days is an event, that emphasizes on transformation and change processes. The focus this year was the issue of inner, outer and cyberspace and the remaining role of space in general. The central question of this year’s event was:

“How can we utilize and enhance those three [spaces], when we meet the ultimate challenge of the fourth industrial revolution: How to make organizations and societies prosperous and the people within happy, at the same time?”

Author: Vinzenz Zehmisch

Since 2017 the Metaverse School GmbH is engaged in a cooperation project with the University of Applied Sciences of Würzburg/Schweinfurt, where we support semester projects on and with the cybaLOUNGE platform. The goal of the semester project of 2019 was to transform methods of organizational development into a virtual 3D environment.

Cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Würzburd/Schweinfurt

The students of the project were divided in two groups, one responsible for the design and building of a virtual workshop room and the other responsible for methods and didactics. Over the course of the summer semester the workshop room was designed and built, use cases on new features were implemented and methods were tested. These all happened under the premise to take part as a facilitator at the Berlin Change Days, where we planned to present this project and gather some new input on how the cybaLOUNGE platform is able to support change or transformation into virtual environments.

The interactive workshop and the methods used

During the interactive workshop at the Berlin Change Days participants were invited to join and actively engage. The topic of the first part of the workshop was a method called “future mapping” with the goal of collecting ideas on a certain topic as a group.

The second part was about a method called 6:3:5, which is also a creative method out of the field of organizational development, where you work in turns on new ideas and develop together a wider spectrum of perspectives on a certain topic.

After the interactive workshop the results were reflected and a Q&A session with a discussion on the transformation into the digital world was held. In the following discussion the big questions were asked, like “what is the added value compared to conventional business programs?”

In the next issue of our blog we will get into these questions and explain, how the Metaverse School GmbH wants to answer these questions and solve these problems.

Vinzenz Zehmisch

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