Discover The Metaverse

Discover The Metaverse

Discover the Metaverse on the cybaLOUNGE platform. Explore a virtual world, its applications and what the future is holding. We offer a platform to users as a complement to day-to-day activities in the areas of education, company solutions, entertainment and community development. The cybaLOUNGE platform contains a lot of features, which we are improving constantly in order to achieve the best usability for our users:

  • Simple 24/7 access by browser
  • Compatible with a wide range of devices (notebooks, tablets, smart phones)
  • Communication and collaboration through voice and text chat
  • Displaying and sharing of documents, videos or presentations
  • Virtual rooms are persistent and can be set up in advance as required

New ways of Education

One field of special interest is education. The process of digitization and the associated change in the world of work and studying result in requirements for special competences. Through virtual learning rooms, students can interact in a variety of ways, generate knowledge through different implications and exchange this knowledge with one another.

A virtual learning environment provides these opportunities for students and tutors or teachers to learn and teach without the necessity to be in the same physical room at the same time. Additionally, a virtual learning environment provides access to resources and services for a better quality of learning.

The Metaverse School brings these resources and services to everyone in a safe environment. So far, we created a virtual classroom, a virtual campus and a virtual workshop room. We can also set up trainings, tutorials with our new interactive feature. This feature allows everyone to create persistent learning environments without a teacher present. Click here for a peak into our Virtual Classroom!

Using Virtual Environments in business or organizational contexts

Another field of interest are virtual environments in business or organizational contexts. We are providing products to transfer business processes in a virtual world, like a virtual recruitment center, workshop rooms for collaboration, virtual representations of organizations and businesses or a plain helpdesk for customers. On the cybaLOUNGE platform small and big organizations can represent themselves and use the tools and features provided. We can build customized solutions, but there are also already existing solutions for immediate use. We can set up virtual representations on our servers or implement them into the customers network. Check out or Virtual Recruiting Center! Metaverse Entertainment

Metaverse Entertainment

Via the cybaLOUNGE platform you can enjoy entertainment as well. It is possible to display many different media contents as videos, audio files, texts, slide presentations and images. These media contents, which are increasingly represented online, should also be given a place in the virtual world. So far solutions already exist for a cinema and a virtual gallery. But we have a lot more entertainment projects in the pipeline. Visit our Virtual Gallery with an actual exhibition of the photographer Felix Henke!

Community building on the cybaLOUNGE platform

Finally, we created the first community Metaverse location. The first place on the cybaLOUNGE platform to hang out and connect with other users. This space hosts events regularly and other new services will be displayed there first. See for yourself!

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