The Metaverse and the Future of Work

The Metaverse Classrorm

The Metaverse and the Future of Work

In our latest issue a review of a paper on “The Future of Work in the Digital Transformation” by the “acatech” discussion series was published.

You can look into the paper by following this link:


Now we want to set the cybaLOUNGE platform in a context to the key messages and describe further what we can provide to and how we can support organizations in the process of digital transformation. The three key messages agility, lifelong learning and co-determination are also described as key indicators, which will determine how organizations are able to adapt to changes in the field of work.

Author: Vinzenz Zehmisch

1) Support of Agility  

Agility is defined within the paper as “the ability of a company’s organisa­tion and decision-makers to respond rapidly and flexibly to new customer requirements, technological developments and com­petitors (…)”.

To support this ability, the Metaverse School GmbH can provide several solutions to increase competitiveness, flexible working arrangements, use of tools for feedback and to decrease obstacles for working with freelancers.

Since the cybaLOUNGE platform promotes easy access and great usability, the platform can be used with almost any device, runs on all the mayor browsers, supports virtual reality and is accessible without downloading any client, organizations can use the platform for many purposes. As an example, a workshop room, or as we call them a “location”, can be set up, in which employees in the office, employees, who work remote, and freelancers are able to work together on a project, just by clicking on one HTML link. In the workshop location itself, everyone can communicate via VoIP, display information and develop their ideas together. So, nobody is bound to a physical space and meetings can be set up faster than in the real world. The workshop location itself is persistent, so every progress made, is still available the next time. Tools for feedback can also be implemented, so an immediate feedback system can deliver valuable data.    

2) Support of Lifelong Learning

As employees are valuable assets, an organization, that is encouraging their employees to learn and to develop over the whole circle of their work life, is better prepared for future changes.

Lifelong learning can be enhanced by digital solutions on the cybaLOUNGE platform. Virtual universities, classrooms, trainings under the guidance of a tutor or teacher can be implemented into the learning curriculum of an organization. In these locations you can display and store information, write, interact, participate on polls and much more. Also, interactive trainings are an option, where participants can increase their knowledge and skills on their own. Digital solutions for these learning opportunities and the necessary features are already developed by our team and ready for action.

3) Development of company-level co-determination

To react and adapt to market changes organizations need to involve their employees and increase the level of co-determination.

To boost the level of co-determination, one of the key messages is to promote an agile workplace equipment and the use of flexible IT tools. With the cybaLOUNGE technology users can access a location on the platform from anywhere, work together on products and can use the digital tools they are accustomed to. For example, all Google Docs & Spreadsheets, lots of websites and much more can be displayed and worked on by every user in the location in real time. As stated above, the rooms are persistent so data in the location remains the same.

Throughout the last year we developed a lot of products, like a virtual recruiting center, that will allow organizations and users in the future to participate in new forms of digital work. Visit our homepage to learn more.

Citation: Jacobs, J. C./Kagermann, H./Spath, D. (Eds.): Work in the Digital Transformation – Agility, Lifelong Learning and the Role of Employers and Works Councils in Changing Times. A paper by the acatech and Jacobs Foundation Human Resources Working Group – Forum for HR Directors on the Future of Work (acatech DISCUSSION), Munich: Herbert Utz Verlag 2017.

Vinzenz Zehmisch

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