Interview Dieter Heyne, CEO and Founder

Interview Dieter Heyne, CEO and Founder

Dieter Heyne
Dieter Heyne

Dieter Heyne is the founder and CEO of Metaverse School GmbH. He is the creator, designer and a lot more of the cybaLOUNGE platform.

1) Hello Mr.Heyne, you are breaking new ground in the field of virtual worlds. What is the concept behind your start-up Metaverse School GmbH and its cybaLounge platform?

Since the number of users of virtual worlds is increasing only very slowly, in my opinion new paths have to be taken. The trend towards even more sophisticated and complex virtual worlds cannot be the solution. With the cybaLOUNGE platform, the person, the user and not the technology should be the focus. Easy access and usability for practically everyone can be the way to achieve a significant increase in the number of users. It does not matter for what purpose the users visit the virtual world.

However, Metaverse School GmbH has set itself the goal of establishing virtual worlds primarily in the field of education. The possibilities to go new ways are practically unlimited.

But also, other fields, such as personnel consulting, collaboration and entertainment will be considered further.

2) How and when emerged the idea for a virtual platform?

The idea arose around 2011 from the observation that the established virtual worlds (Second Life, OpenSim, etc.) had to struggle with very specific problems. For many newcomers these environments were and are simply too complicated and many users quit after a short time.

So, it was time to design something new and simpler that could become attractive for many people.

3) What were the biggest milestones for cybaLOUNGE and Metaverse School GmbH?

The biggest milestone so far was certainly the go-live in December 2013. The result of 18 months of preparation to finally see online – this has definitely left a lasting impression.

Further highlights were presentations of the platform at numerous events as well as the cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, from which numerous new ideas have already emerged.

4) What were/are the biggest challenges in the starting phase? And how did you manage them?

Especially in the initial phase, there were always minor and major technical problems, since the technologies used were also still under development. The continuous development was made more difficult by the fact that cybaLOUNGE was developed completely as a one-man show in my spare time.

In these situations, it only helps to keep your cool, not to lose track of the goal and to concentrate on looking for alternative solutions and then to implement them.

5) Your start-up is also working on a cooperation project with the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt. How is this project developing and which insights did you gain?

This cooperation can now look back on a history of more than three years. The respective semester projects resulted in too many new requirements to be reflected here. But especially the usability and the graphic design of the virtual environments have benefitted greatly of this cooperation.

6) In your opinion, what is the greatest unique selling point of your product?

The cybaLOUNGE platform does not focus on the technical achievements, but on the benefits for the users:

– easiest form of access (everything runs in the browser, access via HTML links possible)

– simple handling/operability

7) What are the biggest challenges for 2019? How will Metaverse School GmbH develop?

The biggest challenge is certainly to provide enough content (in the form of digital content and events) to inspire a growing number of users.

8) How would you describe in one sentence what Metaverse School GmbH means to you?

A chance to offer people new opportunities and change the world for the better.

Mr.Heyne, thank you for the interview.

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