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31. March 2020 No Comments

What Virtual Worlds Need To Become Real World Offices, Post-Coronavirus

Seven hurdles to overcome for virtual worlds (i.e. immersive 3D spaces) to become a remote workspace - a comparison.

27. November 2019 No Comments

Insights from our Workshop on the Berlin Change Days 2019

In this blog post we want to hand down the insights we gained out of the workshop at Berlin Change Days 2019 and the intense discussion that followed afterwards.

13. November 2019 No Comments

Metaverse School GmbH @ Berlin Change Days 2019

An interactive workshop in a virtual 3D environment @ The Berlin Change Days 2019. Since 2017 the Metaverse School GmbH is engaged in a cooperation project with the University of Applied Sciences of W├╝rzburg/Schweinfurt, where we support semester projects on and with the cybaLOUNGE platform. The goal of the semester project of 2019 was to transform methods of organizational development into a virtual 3D environment.