Virtual Art Gallery

Virtual Art Gallery 1

Virtual Art Gallery

As our newest Metaverse Project, we developed a fully customizable art gallery, which enables artists from all around the world to represent their art on a virtual platform.

We started this project in collaboration with our friend and photographer Felix Henke, who was so kind to offer his photos for this first edition.

We came up with a two-floor art gallery in a clean, modern style: The ground floor features a ticket stand and info panels, which can be fully customized by each individual artist.

First Floor Center

The second floor offers 6 different rooms, which can all be used to display your artwork.

Exhibition Room

In addition, a huge panorama picture can be hung on a curved wall in the center of the second floor.

We’re constantly improving and working on this gallery, like every other Metaverse project.

Vinzenz Zehmisch

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