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New Virtual Art Gallery

Metaverse *NEW* Art Gallery

A few weeks ago, we presented you our completely customizable Metaverse Art Gallery, which enables artists from all over the world to present their art on our virtual platform.

Now we want to offer you a peek of our newest Metaverse Art Gallery. It comes in a new, modern design and a new, more compact architecture.

Entrance Area
Virtual Art Gallery – Entrance Area

We think, that with more designs we can offer alternatives and choices to our customers. So, everyone can decide according to their personal preferences.

Our new Art Gallery fulfils the same functions as our first virtual museum. This means that the gallery is still web-based, accessible by everyone worldwide and continues to connect artists and art lovers. However, the new gallery is much more compact, allowing artists and visitors to focus on their best works.

Virtual Art Gallery – Exhibition Room

The gallery is divided into several rooms that can be viewed in a walking tour. Each room offers enough space for artists to present their art. In the center of the gallery there is a small cinema where you can show videos, movies or slide shows of your choice.

Virtual Art Gallery 1

Virtual Art Gallery

As our newest Metaverse Project, we developed a fully customizable art gallery, which enables artists from all around the world to represent their art on a virtual platform.

We started this project in collaboration with our friend and photographer Felix Henke, who was so kind to offer his photos for this first edition.

We came up with a two-floor art gallery in a clean, modern style: The ground floor features a ticket stand and info panels, which can be fully customized by each individual artist.

First Floor Center

The second floor offers 6 different rooms, which can all be used to display your artwork.

Exhibition Room

In addition, a huge panorama picture can be hung on a curved wall in the center of the second floor.

We’re constantly improving and working on this gallery, like every other Metaverse project.

Virtual Office in two designs

NEW! We created two different types of virtual offices.

Metaverse is evolving and we want our users and customers to have options in style and design. So we developed a virtual office, where you can represent yourself and your business in a virtual environment. Not only a modern style office has been designed, also a more traditional style office for representation in a good old fashioned way has been added.

Enjoy a first view of the new designs!

Modern Office
Modern Office
Old Fashioned Office
Old Fashioned Office

Virtual Recruitment Center

Next round of new, exciting designs: the virtual recruitment center with a reception area and a office, that can be fully customized.

Recruitment office

Reception area

New design prototypes

Hello, we are designing and working on new prototypes for our virtual world! The first drafts for a virtual learning room and a virtual conference room.

Virtual learning room
Virtual conference room

Happy New Year 2019!

Happy new year 2019 to everyone! With the beginning of the new year we are currently working on the final realization of our homepage. Also our intern Sami is working on first realizations for the cybalounge platform.

Cyba.world Workshop

Team Metaverse
Team Metaverse

Workshop with the whole team for design, new ideas, … -> How to build elements on cybaLOUNGE.

Homepage is online!

Our new website is online! Now we are finally able to work on our homepage and fill it with interesting, new content.

Additionally, during our strategy-meeting, we discussed our visions and ideas for the new platform and how we can implement these ideas.