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A short history of METAVERSE SCHOOL GmbH

In the first quarter of 2017 Dieter Heyne founded the METAVERSE SCHOOL GmbH with the vision to develop a virtual world, which connects to every aspect of our daily life.

Author: Vinzenz Zehmisch

The idea to create a virtual world arose around 2011 from Dieter´s observation that the established virtual worlds had to struggle with very specific problems, like complicated usability and an elaborate process to get started. A first step was taken by planning, structuring and programming the basics of a new platform.

The next milestone was the go-live in 2013 of the browser-based experimental cybaLOUNGE platform for developers and enthusiasts of virtual worlds. Over time the functionalities and the possibilities of the platform grew and in the beginning of 2018 Dieter Heyne decided to fulfil his vision of an open virtual world, where everything is possible. Consequently, Dieter Heyne made up his mind to build up a team and a working solution for a virtual world. Now we are in the process of further developing and designing an interesting virtual environment and we are looking forward to develop our products, so that everyone can participate in a new, exciting, virtual adventure.

The present – what we are doing now

So far, we spend a lot of time to set up the various basic requirements for such an enormous project like a virtual environment. We set up a homepage, wrote user guides, worked on models for the platform, removed bugs, implemented new features, developed the first products, etc. Also, we initiated projects with the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt, to get new ideas and input about the user experience, the graphic design of the virtual environments and how to transform day to day processes into a virtual world.

The future – what we intend to do

In the near future we have three big goals. First to get the platform fit for a wide public audience, second to produce content and third to develop products, which promote the digitalization of everyday processes.

Join us on the cybaLOUNGE platform and be a part of an exciting journey!

Visions and Goals

Metaverse – Think digital.

The cybaLOUNGE platform does not focus on technical achievements only, but especially on user benefits. Read here how we intend to make this possible and how we want to try to offer people new opportunities and to improve the online experience.

Author: Vinzenz Zehmisch

The Metaverse School GmbH aim is to provide people with the prospect to network globally for social or business reasons through our new browser-based 3D virtual world platform. This goal is to be achieved by promoting simple interaction, communication and presentation of content in virtual locations. On the one hand, we want to give our users the space and opportunity to creatively express themselves by building their own virtual worlds and realizing their ideas. On the other hand, we will offer custom-made digital solutions to enable all users of the cybaLOUNGE platform to have a virtual experience. It does not matter how you would like to use our platform, we will always give our best to optimize the usability so that everyone, from beginners to experts, has the opportunity to get the most out of the platform.

Vision of the digitalized world

Our long-term vision is to build independent or moderated communities so that people worldwide can realize social or business relationships. As more and more analogue processes are being transformed into virtual worlds through digitalization, we want to offer a solution for literally all purposes from entertainment to specialized business with our platform. The focus of this vision is the user, therefore we will give our best and continuously improve the cybaLOUNGE platform, so that users get an easy start and a lot of new experiences all the time.

We want to enrich the process of digitalization with a new technology and innovations so that everyone can participate. Visit our platform www.metaverse.community and experience it for yourself!